The March 2016 Perl programming challenge by Tony Gasparovic

THE CHALLENGE: You are given a zip file that contains 50 jpg files. Each file depicts a border outline of a state located in the US. Unfortunately the file names are not named after their state. Write a Perl program that reads the metadata tags in each jpg file and determines the state that is diaplyed in the file. DETAILS: Display your results in an HTML file. Embed each image using base64 encoding along with the following details information below. Sort the states in ascending order by the metadata (GPS time, date) stamp tag. Click the answer link at the bottom of the page to view the answer. You can view the HTML source code to see how it was constructed. Add the following details for each state image: File: 1.jpg GPS calculated state: Alabama GPS time stamp: Mon Nov 23 21:37:06 2015 Latitude: 32.3801194 Longitude: -86.3006278 Good luck Mongers! ANSWER: march answer